45 Things You May Not Know About Me

Most people like to celebrate their birthday and get excited when it comes so they get presents and birthday wishes. As you get older you realize that a birthday isn’t really a big deal. You don’t have to work at getting older and no matter what it will always come. To me, my birthday means I had another year of training in life. Another year of memories and adventure. Hopefully I was able to add value to the life I’m leading and hopefully I added something of value to someone else. I don’t hide my age, how will that help me. If anything, I sometimes tell people I’m 5-10 years older to get the response, “Oh my you look fabulous!” Sometimes an ego boost is good for the soul. This year I thought I would share 45 things you may not know about me. Yes I’ll be 45…. I think

      1. I’m an only child, I have a step sister who didn’t enter my life until I was older.
      2. I grew up in a 3 family house with my mom, grandparents, aunts, and uncle (we’re Italian)
      3. My aunt and I always called each other sisters since we were only 5 years apart
      4. She died from a brain tumor at 35- I’ll never be over it
      5. I played piano with my grandmotherrachels party pics 025
      6. I loved to climb trees. My grandmother cut a tree down that I used to hang upside down about 20 feet up
      7. I’ve been with my husband since I was a young teen – I lied to him about my age
      8. My husband calls me Lucy & my best friend Ethel
      9. I’m very random- which is why I’m called Lucy
      10. I have problems saying lots of words- I don’t correct myself anymore- I call it Rachelbonics
      11. I love Purple
      12. I didn’t graduate high school and got my cosmetology license at 18 yrs old
      13. I love Cher and Bette Midler – I can recite Bette Midler’s Concert Monologue to “The Rose”
      14. I have 2 daughters,  1 son in law, and two grandsons- #TeamTnT (I had my first baby at 16) 1912485_10203403642920605_1877567925_n-1
      15. I love to craft, I just can’t find the time
      16. I can roller skate backwards and do jumps- my 35th birthday was a roller skating party- given by “Ethel” 6rachels party pics 063
      17. I’m a huge Steeler fan and once ran under a body guard to get an autograph
      18. I love ice skating or any sport
      19. My mom was a single mother
      20. I have 3 sisters and a brother – I met 2 of my sisters and my brother but we don’t really know each other
      21. I love roller coasters
      22. My first Yankee game wasn’t until I was 9 yrs old, My all time favorite Yankee is Paul O’Neil
      23. I don’t get star struck but if I met Gerard Butler, I wouldn’t be able to speak
      24. I worked with Clairol in NYC was I was 18
      25. My favorite movies are Grease and Dirty Dancing- my girls now love them!
      26. I went to Germany – my daughter was on the USA Tap Team
      27. I went to Hawaii twice – I want to live in Hawaii for at least a year
      28. I love the beach and ocean
      29. I believe in God, read the bible, and pray everyday
      30. I had pink hair
      31. I flew a four seat plane over NYC (before 9/11) rachels party pics 024 (2)
      32. I take an hour to pick out a card, I buy it early and always forget to mail it to the recipient
      33. I once gave my family piles of cards and some were 7 years old
      34. I love sweets, beer, and wine- ok really any alcohol
      35. I met some celebrities, my favorite was Ron Perlman, I’d totally invite him to a picnic with his family!
      36. I can’t watch It’s A Wonderful Life without crying at the end
      37. If you hold my hands down, I have trouble talking
      38. I created a bath and body product line called Touch’d
      39. I have an obsession with shoes
      40. I tweak if my linen closet is messy
      41. I want cosmetic surgery but too scared to do it
      42. I don’t like to be alone
      43. I’m very lucky, I can count my close friends on more than one hand
      44. I’m very sentimental and I have a tradition for everything
      45. My family is Everything to me! rachels party pics 011

Those who do know me are surprised that all 45 things didn’t have something to do with my grandsons and daughters but I thought I would stick to the topic for a change!


Tell me something about you!

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  1. jeannine says

    I love you and you forgot that you are horrible to track down! But you have the biggest heart and if you have friends they are family to you! Happy Birthday to an amazing person, Friend, Inspiration, Mom, Titi, Grandma! Love you!

  2. Ethel says

    Great list and great life. There is even one or two that I did not know. Let birthday month commence! Love ya!

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