Going Nuts Over Breakfast On The Go

We’re told continuously from the time we are kids that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, my schedule is so crazy- especially in the morning- that I rarely have time to eat breakfast, let alone a HEALTHY breakfast. I am on a mission to start a healthier routine with my eating […]

Three Great Places to Visit for an Alternative Summer Vacation

When summer hits, many families head to typical summer destinations: various beaches, tropical locations, and theme parks. But many would argue that this is completely backwards. When summer hits, you shouldn’t run off to warm locations or asphalt covered theme parks; instead, you should head north and into the places winter hits the hardest. Not […]

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Give Your Home Character with James Hardie

Showing our style does not end at what we wear or how we decorate the inside of our home. It includes the outside of home, from the colors we choose, what we plant, and the decorations around our house. When deciding on the siding and new windows on our house, we studied other houses for […]

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