CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipsticks

Keeping it Colorful with CoverGirl on New Years Eve

New Years Eve is a time to make a statement, especially with the outfit of the evening. With the right ensemble you can enter into a new year feeling confident on the right foot (or in this case in the right shoe). Personally, I love to focus my statement with my makeup and let everything […]

Alexxus, 15

The Gift Of A Home and Family- AdoptUSKids

We think of many charities at the holidays but what seems to slip our mind are the children out there who are looking for families and a place to call home. They have one thing on their Christmas…… A Home! A home that they can unpack their suitcase only need to bring it out when […]

placement necesseties

How To Make A Mini Meal Moment With Stouffers

Moms are busy and there’s many busy grandmas too! There are times as a mom when you barely have time to grab yourself something to eat. If you’re a stay at home mom, you most likely get excited to be able to shower by yourself! If your a mom who works out of the home […]


Great Family Tech Gift! #Cube

Pictures Pictures Pictures! We have all become picture fanatics. If you work in social media you take pictures of everything you do, see, hear, or draw. Basically you take pictures when you’re awake and if you found a way to take them while sleeping you wouldn’t be against that. If you don’t work in social […]

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