Arlo Netgear Cameras

NETGEAR Arlo Smart Home Security System

One of the main reasons we bought our dog was because we wanted our children to be safe when in the house alone, even when they were teenagers in high school. A dog will protect or alert you if someone should come in or is at the door but we live in a time when […]

Sully Smash with Pura Vida

The Sully Smash With Pura Vida Tequila

Everyone loves a good drink on a Saturday night. As a 24 year old girl out of college I am learning that cheaper is not always better, quality of the liquor matters, and a batch of wonderful drinks at night doesn’t have to end up with a nasty hangover in the morning. This girl loves […]

woman’s hands made in the form of heart

Changes For A Healthy Heart

Did you know that cardiovascular disease, including stroke, is our nation’s number one killer? You or someone you love may be at risk for cardiovascular disease and don’t even know it! Every year, the American Heart Association designates February as National Heart Month. This is a great time to learn about cardiovascular health, your potential […]

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