Spring Clean Your Windows Twitter Party #cleanWin

Why:  Talk about spring cleaning your computers!  Spring cleaning shouldn’t be just about the closets and floors.  Your computer and other devices need regular backups, upgrades, and protection.  Join us as we highlight what not to miss when spring cleaning your electronics! Who: Join Follow @Windows, Follow @staples, Follow @lisasamples (host), and panelists Follow @Zipporahs, […]

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Shop Your Way MAX- 39 Reasons To Love Him-

There are millions of reasons to love Max. Max opens doors and carries your bags. He brings gifts (delivered in two-days or less!). Max is the real deal. And at just $39/year, he’s a steal. The other guy is just past his PRIME. If MAX did our mani and pedi he would be perfect but […]

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Go Hands Free With The Ice Mule Pro Cooler

My family & I are what we call beach people. We love heading out on the sand and making a day of it. I love everything about it except dragging everything from the car to the beach. I can’t be the only one that goes from man of the house to trailer on legs for […]

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45 Things You May Not Know About Me

Most people like to celebrate their birthday and get excited when it comes so they get presents and birthday wishes. As you get older you realize that a birthday isn’t really a big deal. You don’t have to work at getting older and no matter what it will always come. To me, my birthday means […]

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